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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I’m an important word in everybody’s life. I’m the cause of happiness, joy and security to many of you. Sometimes I am blamed for your failures. In reality it all depends on how your attitude is towards fellow beings and especially your better (?) half.
I stop talking about life because my purpose is to tell you how, as a word and as a part of language, I am misunderstood and misused. Yes, I am the word ‘marriage’.
Let me introduce my clan members.
Wedding: This fellow is often confused with me-‘marriage’
You may wonder what the difference is.
Actually ‘marriage’ is related to customs or legality of getting married.
You can call it a Contract in legal terms. We can say that it is a religious ceremony.

Then what is ‘Wedding’?
It is a part of marriage.
Wedding is the occasion of marriage and the connected celebrations.
A friend is to get married soon. Ask him “Will you invite us to your wedding?”
Do not ask “Will you invite us to your marriage?”

Marry: Is closely related to me.
You can also use ‘marry’ without preposition.
Before Williams married Kate, he had asked her to marry him.

Get marry: is another cousin of mine. It prefers to enjoy the company of 'to'.
Williams is getting married to Kate.

Let me finish here with a request. Please do not curse me for your failures. I am after all a ‘word’. Your life only gives more real and deeper meaning to me.
I wish you all happy married life.